Friday, May 26, 2006

Awareness -

I make a concerted effort to purchase environment friendly, organic and natural products. It is quite easy to do here in Europe. European Union is quite strict about its GM (genetically modified) foods policy. All sugar, rice, milk, butter, as much veggies, even my salt and pepper are either organic or natural in my kitchen. And you all know I am a wicked cook!

Then there is another aspect of "aware consumption". Coca Cola has been allegedly implicated in murders and human rights violations of Union workers in Columbia, South America and elsewhere too. Check out There is a world wide protest againts Coca Cola and a boycott of the same. But I like a cola with my pizza or sometime with my wasabi coated green peas. So here comes "Afri Cola".

It is a German local cola that has been around since 1931. I actually like the taste compared to Coca Cola.

Don't worry...I am not addicted to Coke or any other cola for that matter. Once in a while a cola is refreshing. My daily staple of liquid beverages is: 1 glass of organic milk for breakfast, 1 glass of apple juice at lunch (this is not organic because its from the cafetria at work), 1 glass of orange juice (usually organic) at dinner...few glasses of water (I don't drink enough water...I know.) and 1 cup of Organic FAIR TRADE coffee preferably fresh ground and brewed myself at home, never more than 2 in one day if offered at work.

Very different from my usual posts...but hey...I have found an alternate to Coca Cola (Africola!), because I don't feel right partaking in it any more...apparently you can order Afri Cola over the Web in North America too.