Friday, June 02, 2006

History - Freedom and Justice

All months are the same; none of them is more special or significant than the other. Nevertheless, the month of June is quite significant for us Sikhs. The historical incidents that took place during this month have an interesting theme - the fight for freedom and justice.

  • Shahidi Gurpurab Panjve Patshah - Martyrdom day of the Fifth Master (1606)
  • Gurgadi and Shaster dharan divas Cheve Patshah - Enthronement and Donning the Sword of Miri Piri day of the Sixth Master (1606)
  • Shahidi Baba Banda Singh Bahadur - Martyrdom/torture of Banda Singh Bahadur and hundreds of Sikhs in Delhi (1716)
  • Shahidi Bhai Mani Singh ji - Martyrdom of Bhai Mani Singh (1737)
  • Shahidi Bhai Taru Singh - Martyrdom of Bhai Taru Singh - scalped alive (1745)**
  • Chota Ghalughara - the Smaller Holocaust or carnage (1746)
  • Tija Ghalughara - the Third Holocaust or carnage (1984 - battle of Amritsar - Indian Army vs. Sikh Army)
  • Vaidya nu Sodna - Delivery of Justice to Gen. Vaidya by Sukha and Jinda (1985)
  • Stop Genocide|Save Darfur by (2006 - history in the making)
  • Many many other historical and contemporary incidents that I have missed - [goes here].
(**Disclaimer - some events may not fall in June because of calculation errors from Samvat calendar - eg. Bhai Taru Singh Shahidi is also stated as July 1, 1745 in some texts).

Interesting, eh?

So, time for us to reflect. Upcoming articles this month - 1) short quote of Prof. Puran Singh on History. 2) Repost of "I knew not then", 3) The Crown of Martyrs...etc.

Remain in Carhdi Kala!

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