Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Ballad of Natural Beauty

by the The Connoisseur of Nature and the Universe

The sky is a plate and in that plate the sun and moon become the lamps, the collection of stars in the universe shine like the pearls

The fresh sandalwood infused aromatic air of the mountain (malya) is like the incense, and in praise of the jot-rup Vahiguru, all vegetation is like the flower offerings

How can your arti be done – O how wondrous is the arti which is happening now. O your arti is being done Emancipator of birth and death (fear)
The unstruck sabad is the resounding drum (being played in your glory) – Pause

Your eyes are thousands, yet none are your eyes
Your face are thousands yet no one (particular one) is yours
Thousand pure feet are yours, yet not even one foot
Without a nose, yet thousands are your noses
This is the way the drama of yours attracts me

In every heart there is light and that light is you
By the light that is Vahiguru, every soul is illumined
It is through the Guru’s teachings that this light of Vahiguru is manifest

What is pleasing to you Vahiguru, that is the best arti.
O Vahiguru, my mind yearns for your Lotus feet
As the honey bee yearns for the nectar of flowers
I thirst for you O Vahiguru, day and night

Nanak, the sarang – sparrow hawk – asks for the drop of water straight from you Vahiguru
So that he may be at peace by internalizing your presence

(To be sung in Raga Dhanasri. From the mouth of Nanak I)

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