Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Football is Religion

I have come to realize that here in Europe, and also many other parts of the world, Football (known as soccer in America/Canada) is practically religion. I was in Rome a couple months ago and chatting with a taxicab driver. 2 months ago, the topic during our short cab ride was World Cup Football. He told me in most countries in the world, Football is religion! He said Northern Europeans celebrate football by getting drunk. Italians celebrate by eating. My visit to Rome was indeed a culinary delight. is not possible to not be enthused and excited by the Football craze that has taken over the cities here in Germany. Here is one shot from yesterday's game between Brazil and Croatia. Brazil won, but the Croatian team did exceedingly well in both defence and offence. This picture is courtesy BBC and can be found here. A fan is falling at the feet of one of Croatia's best players...

Football is indeed Religion!!


  1. Just passing by your blog (I was looking up Gurmeet Rai)... The ruination of priceless artefacts and buildings is a crying shame..and to use bathroom tiles is just unbelievable!!!!!


  2. lol@football is religion... and your image works very well with this.

    ps. Thank God it's not acually a religion! (",)

  3. peri penna, that was some kick, yaar!! i like that.

  4. Anonymous12:05 AM

    I'm from Croatia and would like to say that you did an excellent job writing this post...the picture is perfect to describe what football means to us....when are team plays whole Country is together and that is somenthing that can't be is great...pozdrav iz Hrvatske(bye from Croatia)