Thursday, April 13, 2006

The result of Vaisakhi day

Following is a note from a good friend of mine from the Sikh Research Institute. The result of Vaisakhi day according to Prof. Puran Singh is that the Khalsa's inner springs of action were changed and put into motion for the betterment of humanity by the "Plume Adorned Sovereign - Guru Gobind Singh".

“In this infinite abundance of service in the Name of the Beloved, lies the secret of equality of men and women and their complete social emancipation from the thralldom both of the false religions and false systems of social thought … The alterations of the outer conditions of life, even political revolutions cannot secure the equal distribution of land and wealth and labor; they cannot transmute human nature. Unless the change be wrought within, the volcanoes will burst forth again, and the lava shall flow as before, and all our leveling of conditions will be in vain! The Guru visualized this and leaving the outer surfaces of human nature untouched, changed the inner springs of action.”

- Prof. Puran Singh, “The Khalsa of Guru Gobind Singh,” Spirit of the Sikh

On Vaisakhi day of Nanakshahi 231, ‘The Rider of the Blue Steed’ inaugurated a highly dynamic personality – the Khalsa – a community whose ‘Light of Life’ ceaselessly radiates glory, justice, and love.

Vaisakhi is a reminder to all of us to reflect on the Guru’s vision of personal and community development, revive the spirit of Carhdi Kala that changed the destiny of South Asia and beyond, and respond to the critical issues and challenges, both internal and external.

Vaisakhi is a time to reconnect with the roots. For the ‘tillers of the soil’ of Panjab, it is the celebration of the harvesting festival. For the Guru Khalsa Panth, it is the bestowing of sovereignty by the Tenth Nanak. The Sikhs worldwide salute the Awesomeness, vismad, in religio-cultural celebrations.

May you feel inspired, creative, and liberated!
Harinder Singh

Sikh Research Institute
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