Friday, November 05, 2010

BU Candlelight Vigil - November 7th, 2010

This tradition started many years ago at Boston University. Many times it is either snowing or raining, it is icy and cold, but the students push forward and regardless of the turnout do their best.

The annual Sikh Association of Boston University - November Candlelight vigil is being held on November 7th and I consider it my responsibility and duty to humbly request (or re-request as you may have already gotten an email) that you, your family and friends (Sikhs and Non-Sikhs) to attend and show solidarity.

Here are some links that are interesting and provides good insight to how to respond in thought.

Realizing Freedom -
Remembering 1984 -

SABU, a microcosm of the next generation of Sikhs in North America - are responding with this program.

Carhdi Kala!


Subject: BU Vigil - Nov 7th.

Message from Sikh Association at Boston University:

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

As an annual tradition at Boston University, this year on Sunday,
November 7th, we will be holding a candlelight vigil for those
murdered in 1984. Let us not forget those who died 26 years ago.
Please join us for Shabad Kirtan, Speeches, the screening of Amu,
ardaas, prashad, and langar.

This event will be held at Marsh Chapel from 2 pm- 6 pm. We hope
you can make it and so that, as a community, we can remember the
innocent lives taken pre-maturely.

Guru Fateh!
SABU (Sikh Association at Boston Univeristy)
735 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02215

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