Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Miracle at Makindu

There are many stories that I have heard about the Makindu Gurduara in Makindu, Kenya. They all conclude in the fact that under some type of awkward circumstance, someone had a mystical vision (darshan) of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib on a horse. Some stories allude to a radiant light, some stories relate to floating images, some stories talk about a band of warriors in attendance.

Rarely is the fact emphasized that Makindu Gurduara is a professionally run Gurduara that has the facilities as all Gurduaras should - langar, rooms for visitors, kirtan, katha, hospital across the street etc. But never is the fact mentioned that the openness and humanity that is Makindu Gurduara is what makes it a miracle.

As it says: "The philosophy of Makindu Temple is that all races come together to experience the sanctity of humanity in a holy sanctuary."

That is the Miracle at Makindu. Not ghosts or images or flying horses and warriors.

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