Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sikh Youth Scholarship - Educate, Encourage, Inspire

This Sikh Youth Scholarship program is a grass roots, youth organized and operated scholarship program. Provides needs based assistance to high school seniors in the Tri-State (NY, NJ and CT) area initially with hopes to expand nationwide in the future.

So - it is dasvand distribution time people. Goto the following web page - http://www.sikhyouthscholarship.org/donors - which then in turn will send you off to the donation page of the Sikh Research Institute where you can choose "Sikh Youth Scholarship Initiative".

I can foresee 100 people donating 50 dollars each. That is plenty of funds for what these young Sikhs are trying to do in order to help our their younger brothers and sisters.

Repeat - 100 people, $50 each - in 2 weeks from today that is $5000. Please support them!

Carhdi Kala!

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