Friday, October 27, 2006

Slacker...going back home!!

Sorry. I have been a complete slacker with my blog. My last months in Europe have been so busy. Because of work I have crossed the Atlantic Ocean approximatley 8 times (that's 4 round trips) in the last 2 months!! In addition, travel within Europe is huge. I am writing this from the Stockholm airport. Any spare moment I get at the airport are also consumed by work. But before I do my next work email, I thought I'd slip this in.

I will be moving back to Boston area by the 1st week of November. Things are not going to slow down, but at least I will be back home. I left Boston about 4 years ago for Toronto, and the last year I have been in Munich. I hope to blog when back and will definitely get off my *(&^ and post some pictures. Hang in there.

Another thing I want to do when I get back is share my thoughts and present commentary on interesting happenings around the world and wonder about the Sikh perspective. For example, the Pope's comments about Islam, Jack Straw's comments about the hijab, recent reprimands by the Akal Takhat against Guggha, Ecology and Climate change etc.

Okay...stay tuned. And remain in Carhdi kala!

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