Sunday, October 29, 2006

Interesting Punishment...

In Prague there is a famous bridge called the Charles Bridge. There are 30 Baroque style statues that adorn this bridge. I was intrigued by one of these statues which is of a crucifix with writing in Hebrew in bronze. The story of this statue is interesting as it says that the Hebrew writing was put there at the expense of a Jew of Prague as a punishment for blasphemy againsts Christianity. the wikipedia article on this statue is here .

Hmm...Now that's an interesting punishment!? I was thinking if a non-Sikh, let's say Hindu, blasphemed our Gurus, would it make sense to have them pay for a writing in, let's say in Sanskrit, that said something like "Guru Nanak is great!". We wouldn't want to be associated with that. It just doesn't make sense. How is that considered a punishement for the Judaic faith? Its pretty much saying that Jesus Christ was a prophet of the Jews as well and not the ultimate prophet!? Oh well, I guess the 1600's in Europe was a pretty crazy time, and this interesting conflict between Jews, Christians and Muslims has been going on for a very very long time. I learnt a lot about that during my stay in Europe.

Any way, here are some pics from the bridge.

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