Saturday, May 05, 2007

The 99 connection and Carhdi Kala!

I think I'm back...slowly yet surely.

1499 - the Revolution begins
1599 - the Granth begins to emerge
1699 - the Panth is inaugurated
1799 - the Sikh Raj is established (for the 2nd time!)
1899 - the Revival was triggered - reason was 4 Sikh boys chopped their hair in public! Just 4!!
1999 - huh? What happened? 8 years later - 80% of Sikhs in Panjab have shed the Guru's insignia.

And we thought we were the Spirit Born People!

No, don't worry - I am not in dhaindi kala...the essential ingredient of carhdi kala is to look forward, have a refreshing outlook and a positive mindset. It reminds me of the words of the great Giani Dit Singh. His words were a call to arms even though they sound like the sounding of a catastrophe. What do you think?

“An English newspaper writes that the Christian faith is making rapid progress and makes the prophesy, that within the next twenty five years, one third of the Majha area would be Christian. The Malwa will follow suit. Just as we do not see any Buddhists in the country except in images, in the same fashion the Sikhs, who are now, here and there, visible in their turbans and their other religious forms like wrist-bangles and swords, will be seen only in pictures in museums. Their own sons and grandsons turning Christians and clad in coat and trousers and sporting mushroom-like caps will go to see them in the museums and say in their pidgin Punjabi: Look, that is the picture of a Sikh - the tribe that inhabited this country once upon a time. Efforts of those who wish to resist the onslaught of Christianity are feeble and will prove abortive like a leper without hands and feet trying to save a boy falling of a rooftop” - Khalsa Akhbar of Lahore, May 25, 1894, from the pen of its editor Giani Dit Singh."


  1. If you take spirituality and self-reflection out of a human, they tend to incline towards the animalistic nature...such as kaam, krodh, lobh, moh (not that these things are totally bad). When I see Punjab current position, with this female infanticides and people favoring men over women, it shows that to what extend people morals have gone down that such an brutal act have become very acceptable in the society. Till the time there was Sikh Raj in Punjab, infact there was a civilized society, now it just seems more like a tribal one.

  2. Anonymous3:48 PM

    It is so easy to place blame on entire society than to do something about it. I want one of you atleast take 2 months of your life and live in Punjab. Things do not change if you keep beating same drum thousands miles away.

  3. Anonymous5:53 AM

    So as we are moving towards year 2099, do you think Khalsa ji di Gauravmai Gatha is moving towards Carhdi Kala or Dhaindi Kala? I think Sangharsh will continue and Khalsa ji will also continue to be in Carhdi Kala as always.

  4. It is really disturbing what you have posted...
    But I believe that unless and untill each one of us try to do whatever(however small it may appear)we can do, turn around in Punjab is difficult.