Saturday, December 23, 2006

Anonymous' - a post of your own.

Well, I didn't want to post this, but I couldn't resist. I actually got quite a few comments on my last two posts both officially and informaly. But apparently this mr. or mrs. anonymous found my usage of non-alphanumeric characters as quite horrendous and reprimand worthy.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post " (Customs + traditions + history) = Sovereign = Pan...":

What is this "*(^%^! "? What do you have on mind? On one side you talk big about being a Sikh and on the other hand you talk so loose that you have inappropriate words in your head that you yourself don't like to put in words..... I know, I know you will give Why Anonymous stuff.... Why dont you just bar Anonymous comments.... I'm pretty sure this one won't make it to your blog as it will meet the moderator's knife.
Then a few days went by where I didn't pass through any comments because I was travelling and mr. or mrs. anonymous seemed to be getting anxious to see the comment published:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post " (Customs + traditions + history) = Sovereign = Pan... ":

What happened to my comment on your use of "*(^%^!".... You are a big hypocrate I came across....
I could go off on a philosophical rant in defense or in offense. But I would rather be short and sweet. The nit picking of Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous is as narrow minded and missing the point as it would be if I picked on his/her spelling of the word "hypocrate". Neither of us are getting each other's point!


  1. BTW, I have nothing against anonymous posts. Some people can't log in with a user name so at least they leave a name!

  2. Anonymous11:25 PM

    I may have misspelt one word, but I do not have stupid words in my mind that I like to hide. I never said that your post was not informative. So how could you say I missed the point. The remark you madw where you used "*(^%^!" was not making any point anyways but there you were blowing your own horn.

  3. Hmm...Is it "misspelt" or "misspelled"?

    I think one is British and the other American


  4. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I think I know now what you are. People like you think that it is your way or the highway as they think that they have all the knowledge in this world. If they (people like you) are confronted, they try to deviate from the point and go round and round. Now who is missing the point.

  5. Its great you think you know what I am - I have been trying to find out who I am for ages.

    Not that it matters, but me going round and round is making me dizzy!

  6. Anonymous6:13 AM

    You know who you are, but you also are in the state of denial (like George Bush). I hope God helps you, soon. And you can avoid getting dizzy if you keep focused on the topic at hand rather than goin astray.

  7. Anonymous5:47 AM


    I don't know who the previous anonymous is but I agree you do come out as a hypocrite. You preach too much but your behaviour belie all that you preach to others. You need to do a lot of introspection before you start judging, commenting and putting off others around you.

    One thing worth mentioning is, many in your own immediate and extended family are far away from Sikhism and yet you can't stop preaching to strangers. It is simply funny.

    I have read some messages where you have misspelled too. Yet, you nit pick others' messages.

    Now like a true Sikh forgive me if I said something wrong. I like you otherwise I wouldn't have bothered to share.

    ~~~ S.C.

  8. OK...Mr./Mrs. Anonymous - now you are getting really rude by comparing me to George Bush. You can call me a hypocrite, a bad Sikh, someone who is an egotistical maniac. But never, ever, ever compare me to George W. Bush. That is complete and utter low blow insult material.

    The topic at hand is simply the fact that you objected to my use of "^(^%!" in one post. The reason I am having so much fun with this topic because you have no idea who I am and what my thoughts are about using swear words...

    I am so much against swearing that people used to make fun of me in school and even at work that I have such a problem with bad language. If you really want to know, the only reason I used the non-alphanumeric characters was because I was embarrased to use the word "heck". Yes, that's right...what I wanted to say in that post was "...where the heck does he get all these...".

    What really were you thinking? Did you think that I used either the "f" word or something worse than that? If you think "heck" is bad, then, yes, I agree and profusely apologize and will never use that word again and try my best never to let it cross my mind. I even don't like using the word "hell" because I am sensitive that it might be offensive to Christians. So before judging me based on one word, I implore you to get to know me and my background. I have many stories from my childhood and even my adulthood of how the use of swear words by others have affected me and offended me and in turn has created problems in my relationships with people.

    But if you indeed feel it is necessary to judge me and my character because of that one word, then please do so, I have no issue with that either, that's your right to do so. I only ask if you want to judge me and share your thoughts with me, then do it boldly and out in the open.

  9. Dear S.C.,

    Hmm. You seem to know me and my family quite well.

    Are you saying I "am a hypocrite" or I simply "come off as being a hypocrite". I have indeed been told by people that I come off as being very egotistical and rigid (kattar) and there is some truth to that too. So indeed a lot of my actions are hypocritical so I will take this comment to heart. Especially because you are someone that knows me. Or maybe you don't know me well enough and would like to get to know me?


  10. It's disturbing to see the lengths people will take to belittle was a simple post about bloggers personal experience and some of you twisted the issue so much just to feel good about your own ego!

    I got one word for that...Pathetic!

  11. its really mean and rude of mr/mrs anon and S.C. to talk such trash!

    I could go on an attack the both of you for attacking veerji but that not the way of the khalsa so all id say is ...look at your self before calling other people names..Pathetic!

    Guru Mehre Kare

  12. I figure if you're going to cuss, go for the gold, why should Sikhs do anything half ass?
    Our words have power and meaning. People might not like my use of the word above, but it adds power to my statement doesn't it?
    I don't cuss a lot, but you can be sure if I do cuss there's a reason.
    I don't know why we spend our time criticizing others when we each have our own things to work on. Some of the most spiritual and enlightened people I ever knew cussed on occasion. It's called being real. How can we help humanity if we don't speak their language? Sikhs should not have a 'holier than thou' attitude towards anyone.