Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sikh Revolution

A must read for all Sikhs and non-Sikhs to understand the integrated unifying life approach of Guru Nanak, and to glimpse into the revolutionary nation building of the Sikhs is a book by Jagjit Singh – The Sikh Revolution. In it he sums up the importance of the multi-dimensional aspects of the Sikh ideology:

“According to the Sikh Gurus, religious, moral and spiritual activity covers the totality of life of the individual as well as of the society. For, life is one whole and cannot be arbitrarily split up into separate religious, social and political spheres. Nor can it be ignored of left to take care of itself. For them, religion has to meet all the problems and challenges thrown up by life. Each and every activity of man is either God-oriented or self-oriented – viz. it is either for the uplift of man and his society or it is destructive. There cannot be a neutral position. Inaction and sloth are sins”

Recently, the Nanakshahi Trust ( has published "Percussions of History" a twosome of Sardar Jagjit Singh's The Sikh Revolution and In The Caravan of Revolutions. My appeal to all: Go get it!

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