Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sikhs against Genocide

Indeed it was a unique event in the history of Sikh youth programs in the Greater Toronto Area. Sikhs need to be relavent to the world, and this program showed that we can be. June 25th, 2006 at Rexdale Gurduara was the program. Very well executed and it was a result of the dedication of a few young energetic Guru ke Sikhs. The one that deserves most of the credit is young Sardar Tejdeep Singh. I asked him what inspired him to take on this seva. "I was walking one day and my thoughts were wandering and I said I should do this". That is exactly it!! Instinct. A Sikh's instinct must be for the benefit of society and community. When instinct is developed as a result of the confluence of Faith, Discipline and Courage - that is known as Sidak. Here is the Singh himself!!

Nampreet Singh and jatha started off with "ek pita, ekas ke ham barak, tu mera gurhai...". Well done rendition of a sabad rit as found in Bhai Avtar Singh Bhai Gurcharan Singh's book. Accompanying him were Karanjeet Singh on Rabab and Jaswinder Singh on Jori.

Then there were some speeches from Sikh, Sudanese as well as local Canadian Human Rights activists. Overall an excellent program that raised awareness about the need for action in all parts of the world against Genocide!

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