Sunday, December 25, 2005

No other modus operandi

Today I attended an akhand path bhog and kirtan program which went really longer than scheduled. I got up during the kirtan and while partaking in the langar, I could hear a sabad being sung that I haven’t heard in a long time. The program was in celebration of the Anand Karaj of a good friend of mine, Bhai Harbrinder Singh. He is getting married tomorrow. The sabad was sung by the daughter of his host parents, Bhai Sarvinder Singh and family. I don’t know his daughter’s name.

Anyway, it transported me back to my childhood (I think) or a long time ago when I heard it live or on tape and it was sung by Bhai Chattar Singh. I came back home and, of course, I was able to find it online at

bin hari nam na santi hoi kitu bidhi manu dhire.

It is the 6th pauri from Jaitsri ki var - By Nanak V - Guru Arjan Sahib.

The link to the sabad sung by Bhai Chattar Singh is here.

Go to and read the translation according to Prof. Sahib Singh.

BTW, you must read the salok that goes along with this pauri. It is pretty much the same message, the language of the salok is more like Sanskrit (I think).

Here is an attempt at a transcreation of this pauri. I am sure you will get the message.

The 6th pauri of An Ode in Raga Jaitsri by the Fifth Englightner which includes salokas
From the 707th Holy Leaf of the Guru Granth Sahib

If we had a fantabulous bedding in which to sleep peacefully,
If we had all the luxuries of the world to cherish and relish
If we had a house made of gold and ornamented with pearls and rubies
If we had no worries because all we wanted and desired we possesed.
If, while having all this, we don’t internalize and remember Vahguru,
then we will be considered "dirty insects" - "vista ke kire"

Without imbibing Nam, there is never true peace.
For ultimate happiness there is no other modus operandi.6.