Friday, November 18, 2005

Sikh and Sangat

I have always contended that Seva and Simran are interchangeable and dependent on each other. As is the concept of Double Sovereignty - Miri Piri. Here is a verbal experience that needs to be felt - he makes us feel that Sikh and Sangat are interchangeable, dependent and powerful.

The Sikh is like an umbrageous tree wherever he lives, and the sun-beaten, thirsty traveller whoever he may be, finds a solace in his shelter, in his home. And the traveller rises and goes on his way blessing the Sikh whose face accompanies him as a friend who blesses and vitalizes him. In his reverie, the traveller sees the cool shade of the Sikh sould spreading over his head in the hot, dry blazing deserts that lie beyond death and he wakes dreaming and thankful for having met him.

Such is the way of the Sikh individual.

And Sangat (society) is a galaxy of such perfected individuals made by prayer of Nam, of Service.

(Prof. Puran Singh, Spirit of the Sikh, The Biography of a Sikh - The Sikh is a Vision)