Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Today's hukam

I doubt I will be sharing the guru vak blessed to me every day after I do the parkash ceremony. But am currently liking this blog thing and for some reason I was effected by the guru's phurman today.

sorath mahala 9 - pg. 631

man ki man hi mahi rahi
na hari bhaje na tirath seve coti kali gahi - rahau

This mind of mine is pretty wierd, it hasn't blossomed forth, it remains in itself
It hasn't internalized the Creator, hasn't communed with the inspiring self-realized individuals and death hasn't snatched it from the bodi (the strands of hair on a almost balded brahmin's head - metaphor for dying a physical death - quite a gruesom metaphor if you knew what a bodi was).

dara mit put ....

Spouse, friend, progeny, fancy transport (cars, bikes), fancy stuff, lots of dough, the whole world, these are real things but ultimately useless and as good as unreal. Consider them all as perishable, but the realization of Vahguru within is forever.

phirat phirat bohute jug hario....

After stumbling aimlessly through unkown times and ages, my soul was exhausted. It has found a human form to reside in.
Nanak shares this truth: now is the time to meet, why don't you give it a shot - ask to be admited to the garden of simrin.